Long Valley

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Long Valley,

caldera, c.10 by 20 mi (15 by 30 km), Mono co., E Calif., at the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada. Formed by a catastrophic eruption c.730,000 years ago, Long Valley and nearby areas have been the scene of volcanic activity for more than 3 million years. The resort city of Mammoth Lakes is in the caldera in the southwest section, in an area of many small lakes. Nearby Mammoth Mt., 11,050 ft (3,368 m), on the southwest rim of the caldera, is composed of about dozen lava domes and formed from 200,000 to 50,000 years ago. Devils Postpile National Monument, outside the caldera to the west of Mammoth Mt., protects basaltic columns, some 60 ft (18 m) in height, that formed from lava that erupted 200,000 to 100,000 years ago. North of Mammoth Lakes, the Inyo and Mono crater fields stretch along a 30-mi (50-km) system of volcanic fissures from the northwestern caldera floor toward Mono Lake (87 sq mi/225 sq km). Eruptions in this area began in the caldera 300,000 years ago, moving to the north over time; the most recent eruption formed Paoha Island in Mono Lake and ended c.A.D. 1850. Since the late 1970s seismic and other geologic activity in the Long Valley area has led to concern over the possibility of a new eruption.
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Down that long valley there was at least a certain gloomy grandeur in the huge fires and the clouds of drifting smoke, while the strength and industry of man found fitting monuments in the hills which he had spilled by the side of his monstrous excavations.
No--she adhered to her declaration that she would never be married again, and in the long valley of her life which looked so flat and empty of waymarks, guidance would come as she walked along the road, and saw her fellow-passengers by the way.
Over the Tarn and the Garonne, through the vast quagmires of Armagnac, past the swift-flowing Losse, and so down the long valley of the Adour, there was many a long league to be crossed ere they could join themselves to that dark war-cloud which was drifting slowly southwards to the line of the snowy peaks, beyond which the banner of England had never yet been seen.
The chaparral hillsides held oceans of quail, and there were several duck ponds down the long valley and a couple extras tucked up in the hills.
Known as the birthplace of wine in California, this 17-mile long valley includes an amazing variety of landscapes and microclimates, five of Sonoma County's 17 distinct American Viticultural Areas (known as AVAs or appellations), and the welcoming communities of Sonoma, Glen Ellen and Kenwood.
Long Valley, California, witnessed a 'super-eruption' about 765,000 years ago.
Riders are also advised to stay on established trails to avoid areas that have been re-seeded due to the Long Valley Fire damage.
On the morning of July 29, 2010, everybody in this 75 kilometers long valley and adjacent valleys found themselves helplessly stranded.
Chester, NJ-based Annie Herrmann and Long Valley, NJ Chef Natalie Lewis have launched a new company Fish.
Cal Fire ordered the closure of Highway 20 from New Long Valley Road to Highway 53, cutting off access to 1,400-case Cache Creek Vineyards and 1,000-case Noggle Vineyards and Winery, both in Clearlake Oaks.
This weekend the club are competing for the prestigious inter club Compass Sport Cup Championship at Long Valley, V North Aldershot with captain Alistair Powell hoping they can go one better on last year's second place.
Patricia Cevasco and her husband, Enrico, of Long Valley, N.