Long Walls

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Long Walls,

Greece: see PiraiévsPiraiévs
or Piraeus
, city (1991 pop. 182,671), E central Greece, in Attica, on the Saronic Gulf; part of Greater Athens. It is the port of Athens and the chief port in Greece.
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Tag shooting AI, D1 and D3 and new shooting range AII and D3 with noise Complex, long walls and mechanical ventilation; Construction of a new residence, workshop and storage building.
Experts believe that the structure looks like a data centre because the cutouts in the long walls of the containers, when lined up, make hallways and all sorts of mainframes can be put into the containers.
Other film and video artists have explored this device, for example Shirin Neshat, who, however, used smaller projections and set them apart on the short rather than the long walls of a long room, making it impossible to see both at the same time--the viewer had to turn from one to the other.
He looks at Athens' long walls as lifelines to the sea, Hadrian's Wall as Rome's foremost frontier fortification, the Ming Great Wall of China as part of a dynasty's unending pursuit of security, the Pre Carre fortifying Frances northeastern frontier, the Maginot Line as either France's great folly or a reasoned response to the German threat, and Israel's Bar-Lev Line providing citadels in the sand.
A rectangular building with the altar at one end, one of the long walls featured a gallery of large windows over a dropped ceiling.
The long walls are reckoned to be stiff enough to withstand residual lateral thrusts from the roof and to remain stable longitudinally.
There shall be established concealed cisterns for toilets-it does encasings of these along one of the long walls.
Connecting a city to the sea; the history of the Athenian long walls.
Two installations, both presented on long walls and featuring wallpaper printed with the phrase EVERYTHING WILL BE TAKEN AWAY, bracketed Everything #19.
At night, the light boxes, overshooting the long walls on both sides, wash the walls with luminance so the building becomes an extraordinary beacon.
Bonami, betraying his gallows humor, adds a third element, enshrining Jeff Koons's Rabbit, 1986, under a spotlight midway down one of the long walls.
White pickled plywood panels clad the two long walls and a white painted drywall surface presents a textured face to the existing apse.