Long Tail

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Long Tail

The potential for online retailers to make more money than their bricks and mortar counterparts because there is virtually unlimited "shelf space" to offer products. Another key factor is that merchandise is offered via recommendations with links from one product to another so that people who purchase one item are encouraged to look at several others. Most notably, book, video and music sales, where there is a vast supply of product, have benefited significantly from this approach, exemplified by Amazon.com, Netflix and Rhapsody.

Less of More
Theorized by Wired Magazine editor Chris Anderson, who turned the notion into a book in 2006 titled "The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More," the title refers to a graph showing fewer products selling in large quantities versus many more products that sell in low quantities. The low-quantity items stretch out on the x-axis of the graph, creating a very long tail that generates more revenue overall. Even though a smaller quantity of each item is sold, there is a much greater variety of these items to sell.

Anderson asserts that the Long Tail manifests in Google and eBay, which derive significant revenue because they deal with a huge number of customers. He also mentions blogs and wikis as benefactors of the Long Tail as more people contribute editorial material than ever before. For a most interesting exploration of this online phenomenon, read "The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson (Hyperion, 2006, ISBN 1-4013-0237-8).

The Long Tail
When companies sell a large variety of products online, a graph of all products sold generates the long tail.
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But long-tail keywords remain the most competitive spot for young and small agencies to compete with more established agencies simply because there are too many search terms to target all of them.
With A, larger straight needles, and using the flexible long-tail method (see Stitch Guide), CO 41 sts.
But the truth is that by upending their original models and placing large bets on original, professionally produced content, the former darlings of long-tail prophets are moving ever closer to the strategies that traditional content producers have lived by for years.
A hen long-tail appeared from the lake and I spun in my swivel seat, firing off the bow.
He implies that there are long-tail models that could work in many markets, but he's hopelessly vague about what these models and markets might be, and how this extension of the theory might come to pass.
Long-Tail Lines: Colloquialism describing an insurance coverage that has a lengthy period between the occurrence and final settlement of a claim.
In addition, the program is designed to streamline long-tail claim data entry, allowing claim adjusters and attorneys to focus on litigation and coverage issues.
With A, larger needles, and using the flexible long-tail method (see Stitch Guide), CO 37 (44, 58) sts.
What is known is that long-tail numbers have fallen significantly since the 1950s.
Focus on keywords of interest to your audience, then optimize your long-tail keywords for the search engines.