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(lōrān-tsĕt`tē), two brothers who were major Sienese painters. Pietro Lorenzetti, c.1280–c.1348, was first influenced by Duccio di Buoninsegna and Giovanni Pisano. His earliest known work, an altarpiece at Arezzo, already shows the impact of Giotto's style in its concern with profound emotion and simple grandeur of form. In Siena he painted, with his brother, several that have been lost. Pietro's altarpiece (1329) for the Church of the Carmelites is now in the Pinacoteca. His last works are the magnificent Birth of the Virgin (c.1342; Opera del Duomo, Siena) and an altarpiece for the Church of St. Francis at Pistoia (now in the Uffizi). Of uncertain date are the imposing frescoes attributed to Pietro in the Lower Church at Assisi—Virgin and Child with St. Francis and scenes from the Passion. Ambrogio Lorenzetti, d. 1348?, was the more inventive brother. Also influenced by Giotto and Giovanni Pisano, he developed great simplicity of style and a remarkable ability to depict spatial depth. Several times he is recorded as having been in Florence. There he painted an altarpiece for the Church of San Procolo, which includes scenes from the life of St. Nicholas. His greatest achievement is the cycle of frescoes (1337–39) in the Palazzo Pubblico, Siena. It consists of allegories of good and bad government and is a revealing portrayal of Italian life in the 14th cent. The paintings are invaluable for their accuracy of depiction. Other works by Ambrogio are three frescoes depicting the Maestà in Siena, Presentation in the Temple (Uffizi), and Annunciation (Siena Pinacoteca). No records of the brothers appear after 1348; they are believed to have perished in the plague.


See study by G. Rowley (2 vol., 1958).

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Autores como Ricardo Luis Lorenzetti y Jesus Nicolas Marti-Sanchez coinciden en afirmar, en el caso del contrato de agencia, que la independencia del agente debe ser analizada no en relacion con las instrucciones ofrecidas por el empresario en torno a los aspectos mas relevantes o caracteristicos de los bienes o servicios, cuya contratacion por cuenta del "empresario" ha de promover o concluir, y que implican una libertad para decidir sobre facetas que afectan directamente al contenido de los contratos a promover o celebrar por el agente.
Corte Suprema de Justicia (CSJ) President Ricardo Lorenzetti, in the meantime, began assuming an openly political role, something unheard of in the history of the Argentine legal system.
2004; LORENZETTI, 2006), nos quais a CBT estava acima do limite estabelecido pela IN 62 (BRASIL, 2011).
She was the beloved wife of the late William Schales of Quincy, MA, and the mother of Susan (Savko) Went and her husband Walter of New Milford, CT and Myrtle Beach, SC, Dianne (Savko) Lorenzetti and her husband Enrico of Dunedin, FL, formally of Quincy and Meredith (Savko) Brown and her husband Jeffrey of No.