Low Countries

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Low Countries,

region of NW Europe comprising the NetherlandsNetherlands
, Du. Nederland or Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, officially Kingdom of the Netherlands, constitutional monarchy (2005 est. pop. 16,407,000), 15,963 sq mi (41,344 sq km), NW Europe.
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, BelgiumBelgium
, Du. België, Fr. La Belgique, officially Kingdom of Belgium, constitutional kingdom (2005 est. pop. 10,364,000), 11,781 sq mi (30,513 sq km), NW Europe.
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, and the Grand Duchy of LuxembourgLuxembourg
or Luxemburg
, officially Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, grand duchy (2005 est. pop. 469,000), 998 sq mi (2,586 sq km), W Europe. Roughly triangular, it borders on Belgium in the west and north, Germany in the east, and France in the south.
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. The northern parts of the Netherlands and Belgium form a low plain bordering on the North Sea, but S Belgium and Luxembourg are part of the Ardennes plateau. The name Low Countries is a political and historic term rather than a strictly geographic concept. One of the wealthiest areas of medieval and modern Europe, it has also been a chronic battle site. For a history of the Low Countries, see articles on the individual nations and provinces (e.g., FlandersFlanders
, former county in the Low Countries, extending along the North Sea and W of the Scheldt (Escaut) River. It is divided among East Flanders and West Flanders provs., Belgium; Nord and Pas-de-Calais depts., France; and (to a small extent) Zeeland prov., the Netherlands.
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; Brabant, duchy ofBrabant, duchy of,
former duchy, divided between Belgium (Brabant and Antwerp provs.) and the Netherlands (North Brabant prov.). Louvain, Brussels, and Antwerp were its chief cities. The duchy of Brabant emerged (1190) from the duchy of Lower Lorraine.
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; HollandHolland,
former county of the Holy Roman Empire and, from 1579 to 1795, chief member of the United Provinces of the Netherlands. Its name is popularly applied to the entire Netherlands. Holland has been divided since 1840 into two provinces, North Holland and South Holland.
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). See also Netherlands, Austrian and SpanishNetherlands, Austrian and Spanish,
that part of the Low Countries that, from 1482 until 1794, remained under the control of the imperial house of Hapsburg. The area corresponds roughly to modern Belgium and Luxembourg.
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The adaptation of private order commercial institutions observed in the Low Countries eventually became a widespread phenomenon.
High Impact: Literature from The Low Countries is at the Epstein Theatre in Hanover Street on Wednesday at 6.
of Groningen, the Netherlands) examines the regional histories (or chorographies) written in the Low Countries in the 17th century following the division of the country into the Dutch Republic, which was Protestant, and the Spanish Netherlands, which was Catholic.
This collection provides the first comprehensive text of its kind in English on the Low Countries urban drama and their illustrious (and notorious) Rederijkers.
Five essays follow that tackle the two most fully treated themes in the historiography of rhetorician studies: the place of the rhetoricians in the early Reformation in the Low Countries and the general literary antecedents and tropes rhetoricians embraced.
If the ponderous juggernaut of Venice is anything to go by, Biennales have a sacred duty to be irritatingly diffuse, both physically and intellectually, but Rotterdam was decidedly more focused (to the point of only lasting a month) and had a sense of coherence, even though the Dutch obsession with polders is perhaps not shared outside the Low Countries.
Cities of Ladies: Beguine Communities in the Medieval Low Countries, 1200-1565.
The medieval Low Countries are comparatively little known to Anglophone scholars, who have long studied the histories of medieval England, France, and Italy, and in recent years and to a lesser extent Germany and Spain, but generally not the antecedents of the modern Benelux countries.
When Holland's fourth went in jabbering Jon babbled: "Now the Scots have a mountain to climb in the Low Countries.
There are literally hundreds of worldclass beers from the Low Countries, the Czech Republic and other central European countries which can't be found anywhere in South Wales.
As manager of the DAS wheel and brake facility in Liege, Belgium, Mr Deprez will be responsible for promoting and developing the company's repair and maintenance customers in the Low Countries, northern France, Germany and Luxembourg.
E) These three small countries, sandwiched between France and Germany, are known as the Low Countries because of their low elevation: __________