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Only men of iron kept the trail at such low temperatures, and Kama and Daylight were picked men of their races.
Two towers she passed before she came at last to the stream, and here again was she temperate, drinking but little and that very slowly, contenting herself with rinsing her mouth frequently and bathing her face, her hands, and her feet; and even though the night was cold, as Martian nights are, the sensation of refreshment more than compensated for the physical discomfort of the low temperature.
He carried his own low temperature always about with him; he iced his office in the dogdays; and didn't thaw it one degree at Christmas.
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has developed two new advanced elastomers engineered to withstand extremely low temperatures while meeting rigorous international standards for elastomeric material in oil and gas production.
The results suggest that exposure to low temperatures at the tillering and stem elongation stages can significantly affect leaf anatomy and photosynthetic performance in wheat.
The Albecor-Bio modified polyester technology, derived from renewable resources, results in powder coatings that are curable at low temperatures while retaining excellent durability and performance characteristics, according to the company.
We had some very low temperatures for long durations,'' McPhail said.
Blendex 338 ABS modifier exhibits good impact efficiency even at low temperatures.
They are also suited for use with solvent traps, freeze point apparatus, impact testing, lyohilization and other applications requiring low temperatures.
Thus it can be used in liquid form at low temperatures where losses due to inelastic scattering [12] and quasi-elastic scattering [14,11] are strongly reduced.
coli bacteria with enhanced viability at low temperatures, methods for producing improved bacterial strains capable of enhanced viability at low temperatures, and the isolation and use of genetic material capable of enhancing the viability of bacteria at low temperatures.
The use of DuPont Surlyn packaging resin, to replace conventional polyethylene layers for the vacuum packaging of frozen salmon, helps maintain quality at extremely low temperatures.

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