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common name for members of the order Psittaciformes, comprising nearly 400 species of colorful birds, pantropical in distribution, including the parakeets. Parrots have large heads and short necks, strong feet with two toes in front and two in back (facilitating climbing
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The day after the bill's June 19 introduction, Lowrie told members of the Senate Banking Housing and Transportation Subcommittee that the viability of FHA was in jeopardy if legislative reform didn't come sooner rather than later.
Mr Lowrie said he expected them to be a permanent fixture, and added: "Hopefully they'll remain until they're not needed
Passing sentence, Mr Justice Gross told Lowrie, of Gaywood Green Heights, Kirkby:
2 -- color) Valencia resident Laura Lowrie, right, scoots her packages forward as she waits in line Monday at the post office.
Lowrie spent time on the disabled list each of the last three seasons because of problems with his left wrist, left forearm and right shoulder, and a bout with mononucleosis.
With a confiscation order pending at the High Court in Edinburgh, Lowrie agreed to sell his home in The Wirral, Cheshire, and pay up the cash.
Lowrie, 28, of St Cuthbert's House, Bensham, Gateshead, appeared before Gateshead magistrates who adjourned the case to Newcastle Crown Court.
This is a key priority for us in 2006," said Lowrie.
Lowrie said: "I know I shouldn't say it but we're playing well and not losing goals.
DAT MY HORSE bolted up in the novice hurdle, giving Leighton Aspell a winner on his 26th birthday and leaving owner Andrew Lowrie dreaming of an audacious trip to Royal Ascot, writes Graham Cunningham.