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Eisele TP, Miller JM, Moonga HB, Hamainza B, Hutchinson P and J Keating Malaria infection and anemia prevalence in Zambia's Luangwa District: an area of near-universal insecticide-treated mosquito net coverage.
Chama is within a game management area that includes the South Luangwa River and contains rich flora and fauna, including hippopotamuses but also other foragers and predators.
I summarize how all the evidence reveals the origins and history of this ancient river, and conclude in emphasizing the world heritage status of the Luangwa and Zambezi valleys.
South Luangwa is often cited as the birthplace of the walking safari, first offered by Norman Carr in the 1950s, with some of the most scenic terrain in Africa.
The Man-Eater of Mfuwe, also maneless, terrorized residents of Zambia's Luangwa River Valley in 1991.
FEBRUARY 3 I was very lucky to be invited on a game drive back into South Luangwa National Park by Mike and Jenny from Marula Lodge in Mfuwe, where I had my first encounter of lions in the wild and got to see another leopard as well.
Stuart examines the interface between the Munyamadzi rural communities in Zambia's Luangwa Valley and the wildlife institutions imposed on their homeland.
Nothobranchius boklundi (Cyprin-odontiformes: Nothobranchiidae): a new annual killifish with two male colour morphs from the Luangwa River basin, Zambia.
Safari-goers for example will be able to book straight through to Mfuwe for the world renowned wildlife haven of South Luangwa National Park, while business customers can travel direct from Lusaka to the Copper belt city of Ndola on scheduled Proflight services timed for smooth transfers with in-bound and out-bound Emirates flights in Lusaka.
He also helped to establish wildlife areas in Zambia, including Luangwa National Park On The Spirit of Livingstone with Jim Holden, participants will walk with an armed guide in the bush of South Luangwa National Park, visit Tribal Textiles in Mfuwe and meet the artists who hand paint the textiles and follow the trail of Livingstone by boat, foot and safari vehicle.