Lucius Annaeus Florus

Florus, Lucius Annaeus


(also identified as Julius Florus and Publius Annius Florus). Roman historian of the second century A.D.

Florus was the author of Two Books of Extractions From Titus Livius on All the Wars of the Past 700 Years (Russian translation, 1792). The work is an account of the Roman conquests: the first book (45 chapters) covers the period from ancient times to the second century B.C., and the second book (33 chapters) covers the history of the civil wars from the time of the Gracchi to the beginning of the second century A.D. The works of Florus contain factual errors, are rhetorical in character, and tend to praise Rome; they are a compilation of excerpts from Livius and from other historians.


Juli Flori epitomae de T. Livio bellorum omnium annorum DCC libri duo. Critically revised and edited by Otto Jahn. Leipzig, 1852.
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