Lucyna Winnicka

Winnicka, Lucyna


Born July 14, 1928, in Warsaw. Polish actress.

Winnicka graduated from the law department of the University of Warsaw and in 1953 from the State Higher School of Theater. She worked in theaters in Szczecin and Warsaw. In 1954, Winnicka made her debut in motion pictures, and her roles include Madzia (Under the Phrygian Star, 1954), Marta (The Train, 1959), the mother superior (Mother Joan of the Angels, 1961), Hanka (Hanka’s Diary, 1963), and the wife (Play, 1969). Winnicka is one of the most popular actresses in the Polish cinema. She won the State Prize of the Polish People’s Republic in 1956 and a prize at the International Film Festival in Venice in 1959.