Ludvík Kuba

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Kuba, Ludvík


Born Apr. 16, 1863, in Podebrady; died Nov. 30, 1956, in Prague. Czech painter, ethnologist, and musicolo-gist; People’s Artist (1945). Honorary professor of the Academy of Arts in Prague.

Kuba studied in Prague at a music school (1877–83) and the Academy of Arts (1891–93), in Paris at the Académic Julian (1893–95), and in Munich at the school of A. Ažbè (1896–1904). He traveled through the Slavic countries, painting scenes from the everyday life of the common people, portraits of peasants, landscapes, and still lifes (Flowers, A. S. Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow), using the impressionist plein-air tradition. He was also the author of a 15-volume anthology entitled The Slavs in Their Songs.


Míčko, M. Národní umĕlec Ludvík Kuba. Prague, 1950.
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Ludvik Kuba, a historian and an ethnologist, says in his work A Book on Macedonia (1925-1927): "It is unbelievable: of all Slavic lands, Macedonia and Czecho-Slovakia, which joined hands for a great cultural cause at the very dawn of our histories, today are completely alienated.
It provides us with a detailed discussion of the nature of the refrain, drawing not only on earlier Serbian and Croatian ethnomusicological studies (including the work of composers such as Mokranjac and Konjovic), but also relevant research in linguistics, "rehabilitating" the investigations of the Czech Ludvik Kuba to useful purpose.
Some members of Janacek generation seem to have as it were sacrificed their potential careers as composers and chosen the collection of folk songs as their main activity--remarkably, Ludvik Kuba even took this work further than the frontiers of the Bohemian Lands.