Lundy's Lane

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Lundy's Lane,

locality in S Ontario just W of the Niagara Falls, scene of a stubborn engagement of the War of 1812, fought July 25, 1814. The American forces commanded by Gen. Winfield Scott and led by Gen. Jacob J. Brown, pushing into Canada, encountered British troops posted along Lundy's Lane. After prolonged fighting, the Americans fell back to Fort Erie, their former position. They had gained no advantage but had shown themselves able to hold a superior enemy force. There were heavy casualties on both sides.
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Then there's the Falls Manor restaurant, in Niagara itself, near Lundy's Lane, also highly recommended by a different, younger valet.
Norton rallied a formidable fighting force of Six Nations warriors who played a key role at important battles such as Queenston Heights and Lundy's Lane.
At Wolverhampton, Lundy's Lane can take the Littlewoods Bet Direct Conditions Stakes.
On Wolverhampton's all-weather card Lundy's Lane is worth another chance in the Littlewoods Bet Direct Conditions Stakes.
British challengers Private Charter and Lundy's Lane had to settle for places as Osorio became the second German winner in four years of the Derby Italiano with a decisive victory in Rome yesterday.
Despite being switched twice by Jimmy Fortune to deliver his challenge, Hurricane Alan showed a decisive turn of foot to sprint clear of his rivals on hitting the rising ground and beat Lundy's Lane by a length and a half.
Olivier Peslier has been booked to ride Lundy's Lane for Clive Brittain in the 2000 Guineas while Philip Robinson will be on stablemate Wimple in the 1000 Guineas.
He shaped really well behind Lundy's Lane first time out - and his subsequent home work with the smart Adiemus has been impressive.
Brown's victories at Sackets Harbor, Chippawa, Lundy's Lane, and the sonic at Fort Erie clearly mark him as the most effective American commander of the war.
Principal battles: Ogdensburg (1812); Sacket's Harbor, Montreal (1813); Chippewa, Lundy's Lane, Fort Erie (all in Ontario, near Niagara Falls) (1814).
Among his other books are The Magic House and Other Poems (1893), Labor and the Angel (1898), New World Lyrics and Ballads (1905), Lundy's Lane (1916), Beauty and Life (1921), The Green Cloister (1935), and The Circle of Affection (1947).