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Sethi has a long- list of places you must visit when in Taipei: the Lungshan Temple, which was built by the Ching dynasty, devoted to Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy; the blue pagoda- roofed Chiang Kai- shek Memorial, built in the memory of the first Chinese president; and the Taipei 101 tower, one of the tallest buildings in the city, towering 509.
Among the vessels, the presence of the li pottery is noteworthy: while ceramics in themselves are rare at Northern sites, the clay li is a humble piece usually found at Neolithic sites in the Lungshan period, at proto-Zhou sites in the western provinces, and at outlying sites such as Zhukaigou (Tian & Guo 1988).
The idea of municipal marketing, which has been put into practice by many cities in the world, is now catching on at the Taipei City Government, which is seeking to sell a variety of gift, souvenir and stationery items featuring the various Taipei landmarks, such as Taipei 101 and Lungshan Temple.