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Coagulation testing suggests our patient developed lupus anticoagulant but she had no clinical features of APS.
Lupus anticoagulant was first defined in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus as an inhibitor of coagulation leading paradoxically to thrombosis.
Management of anticoagulation during cardiopulmonary bypass in a patient with a circulating lupus anticoagulant.
In a review by Avcin and Silverman, they reported a prevalence of anticardiolipin antibodies in 44%, anti-beta2-glycoprotein 1 in 40% and lupus anticoagulant in 22% of children with SLE diagnosis, showing an important frequency of these antibodies and the risk of thrombotic events (6).
Protein C and protein S deficiency was detected in nine and two patients, respectively, and lupus anticoagulant in one.
Coagulation-based lupus anticoagulant tests were then carried out on plasma samples of each patient and control, and the results compared with the reference aPTT value.
Those studies found that when a purified extract of the BRSV was added to human plasma in vitro certain coagulation assays looked as if a lupus anticoagulant (LA) was present.
There are two blood tests that are important in making a diagnosis, Anticardiolipin antibodies and Lupus Anticoagulant which should be available from your GP or consultant.
The lupus anticoagulant antibody prolongs coagulation.
Researchers have now identified two closely related lupus autoantibodies, anticardiolipin antibody and lupus anticoagulant (together called the antiphospholipid antibodies), that are associated with risk of miscarriage.