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mud volcano, Indonesia: see Sidoarjo mudflowSidoarjo mudflow
or Lusi
[Lumpur Sidoarjo, Bahasa Indonesia, = Sidoarjo mud], mud volcano, Sidoarjo regency, central East Java prov., Indonesia, 20 mi (30 km) S of Surabaya.
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Ryan was a master of exploiting local divisions and fears, between bush and coast, but also between villagers on the coast: Kandoka versus Lauvore, and the Lusi versus the Kombei (Ernst 1999).
We are more certain than ever that the Lusi mud volcano is an unnatural disaster and was triggered by drilling," says Professor Richard Davies of Durham University.
This fluid picked up mud during its ascent, and Lusi was born.
While Pramoedya Ananta Toer never claims that literature can restore the continually eroding banks of the Lusi River, he manages to rescue enough clay and root to contribute to the making of his nation's future.
On the same day that the city enacted the ordinance, LUSI filed an application with the PSC to extend its service area, which encompassed some of the territory included in the city's new ordinance, including the unincorporated area.
Other stars such as Eddie Izzard, Simon Callow, Roger McGough, David Miliband, children's laureate Malorie Blackman, Michael Buerk, Ray Quinn and actors Ceallach Spellman and Jing Lusi have already recorded their own readings.
From 2007 to 2010 he led an international team that showed that the Lusi mud volcano in Indonesia was almost certainly triggered by conventional gas drilling activity rather than being a natural disaster.
Residents were warned that the latest weather system was similar to the remnants of Cyclone Lusi which hit New Zealand in March.
However, they failed to add another goal until Dibba scored the equaliser when Lusi Fernando scored with a beautiful curling lob in the 63rd minute.
The lustration commission decided at its Monday meeting to reject the files "Mom" and "Uncle" concerning the functionaries of BDI, Musa Xhaferi and Fazli Veliu, provided by Professor Shpend Lusi from the State Tetovo University.