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Inflammation of lymphatic vessels.



lymphangiitis, inflammation of the lymphatic vessels.

Lymphangitis may develop with inflammation of the skin and mucosa if the infection spreads, with the lymph flow, toward the lymph nodes. The causative agents of the process, including streptococci, staphylococci, and colon bacilli, penetrate from intertissular fissures of the inflamed region first to the efferent surface lymph vessels and later to deeper-lying ones. The entire wall of the vessel is affected. Fibrin clots fall into the lumen, interrupting the flow of lymph (this has significance in circumscribing the inflammation).

Lymphangitis is manifested by narrow red stripes on the skin; in some forms, induration and soreness develop in their vicinity. Simultaneously, the body temperature rises and chills develop. The patient experiences general malaise. Edema and tenderness are observed with lymphangitis of the deep vessels. Chronic lymphangitis is characterized by occlusion of the lymphatic ducts and resultant edema.

Lymphangitis is treated by eliminating the primary focus, resting the affected part of the body, and administering physiotherapeutic procedures, compresses, and antibiotics. With chronic lymphangitis, recommended treatments are physiotherapy, pelotherapy, and X-ray therapy. The condition may be prevented by the timely treatment of inflammatory, traumatic, and other foci.


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My vets failed her and recommended not to buy her because of the threat of her contracting lymphangitis, and she was uninsurable, but she survived, we box-rested her, put her in a paddock and we got her in foal first time.
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In addition, the patient must be instructed to notify the physician at once if any increase in redness or drainage or any evidence of lymphangitis is noted.
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