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A Modula-2 compiler for VAX and MIPS. A Pascal compiler for VAX is also included. The Pascal compiler accepts a language that is almost identical to Berkeley Pascal. It was originally designed and built by Michael L. Powell in 1984. Joel McCormack made it faster, fixed lots of bugs, and swiped/wrote a User's Manual. Len Lattanzi ported it to the MIPS.

It has the following extensions: foreign function and data interface, dynamic array variables, subarray parameters, multi-dimensional open array parameters, inline procedures, longfloat type, type-checked interface to C library I/O routines.

It runs on VAX (Ultrix, BSD) and MIPS (Ultrix).


E-mail: <modula-2@decwrl.pa.dec.com>.


(1) The code name for Cyrix's 6x86MX chip. See 6x86MX.

(2) (M.2) See Mini PCI Express.
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The study has found the evidence that in India M2 money supply and output are CI(1,0) cointegrated.
According to Krugman, such an apparent expansionary policy raises the question as to what level of blame can be assigned to the Federal Reserve for the huge decline in the M2 money supply in this period.
25, 2009 (CENS) -- Taiwan's M2 money supply grew 8.
Of particular note, M2 money supply fell at the fastest pace in three months while consumer expectations rose slightly for the first increase since May.
The SAMA report pointed out that there was a decrease in the M2 money supply (currency in circulation plus demand deposits, other deposits that work like demand deposits and saving deposits) by 0.
In the past six months, M2 money supply has expanded at over 18 percent on an annualized basis, exceeding the previous peak in the early 1980s.
The bank offered statistics to show that Malaysia's M2 money supply has expanded, particularly in recent years.
Banks in the United States must have all transaction summaries complete in order to determine the Ml and M2 money supply, and other important statistics.
In mid-1990, the M2 money supply was growing at an annual rate of more than 5 percent, near the center of its 3 percent to 7 percent target range.