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A Modula-2 compiler for VAX and MIPS. A Pascal compiler for VAX is also included. The Pascal compiler accepts a language that is almost identical to Berkeley Pascal. It was originally designed and built by Michael L. Powell in 1984. Joel McCormack made it faster, fixed lots of bugs, and swiped/wrote a User's Manual. Len Lattanzi ported it to the MIPS.

It has the following extensions: foreign function and data interface, dynamic array variables, subarray parameters, multi-dimensional open array parameters, inline procedures, longfloat type, type-checked interface to C library I/O routines.

It runs on VAX (Ultrix, BSD) and MIPS (Ultrix).


E-mail: <modula-2@decwrl.pa.dec.com>.


(1) The code name for Cyrix's 6x86MX chip. See 6x86MX.

(2) (M.2) See Mini PCI Express.
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In this study we have taken output, M2 money supply in India.
Still, the board of directors of the CBC resolved to maintain the targeted growth range for M2 money supply, as well as the policy interest rates, unchanged yesterday.
First differencing of the both the M2 money supply and unit labor costs resulted in stationarity, whereas the deviation IPD - P(*), was stationary in levels.
In mid-1990, the M2 money supply was growing at an annual rate of more than 5 percent, near the center of its 3 percent to 7 percent target range.
The monetary base and the M2 money supply merely leveled off during the first half of 1920, as the higher discounting costs had only a moderate effect on commercial bank discounts at Federal Reserve banks for a time.
23 billion) in net new yuan loans in August, well above expectations, while broad M2 money supply (M2) also grew by a more-than-expected 11.
Qatar's broad measure of M2 money supply improved on a q-o-q basis, to add around QR3.
Our outstanding M2 money supply has at the end of March exceeded 100 trillion yuan, and that is already twice the size of our gross domestic product (GDP)," Li was quoting as saying.
Figures indicate that the broad M2 money supply grew 14.
Market sentiment turned negative as South Korea's M2 Money Supply grew at a slower rate in September than in the previous month, indicating that more monetary easing policies are necessary to increase the amount of currency in circulation.
M2 money supply growth slowed to a 29-month low of 8.
M2 money supply, which includes time and savings deposits, increased 12.