M. C. Escher

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Escher, M. C.

(Maurits Cornelis Escher) (môr`ĭts kôrnā`ləs ĕsh`ər, Du. ĕs`khər), 1898–1972, Dutch artist. Primarily a graphic artist, Escher composed works notable for their irony, often with impossible perspectives rendered with mechanical verisimilitude. He created visual riddles, playing with the pictorially logical and the visually impossible.


See M. C. Escher, Escher on Escher (tr. 1989); B. Ernst, The Magic Mirror of M. C. Escher (tr. 1976, repr. 1994).

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at the impossible work of Dutch graphic artist MC Escher.
WEDNESDAY MC ESCHER The UK's first ever major exhibition of the mindbending Dutch artist's work.
In contrast, Triangulo is a work that, on the surface, embraces the geometry of Art Deco combined with the playfulness of an MC Escher lithograph.
The Berlin-based designers Claus Arnold and Mila Micic take inspiration from MC Escher and Gustav Klimt for their digital collages of ravens, feathers and amoebas, and handprint them onto only the most cuddly silks and cottons.
As with the previous two installments, Case Histories (2004) and One Good Turn (2006), Atkinson's latest mystery is the literary equivalent of an MC Escher drawing in its labyrinthine, yet holistic, architecture.
Here you also find the small but stunning Palace Voorhout, a former royal residence open to the public which houses an art centre dedicated to the works of Dutch artist MC Escher.
In the mid-20th Century Josef Albers, Victor Vasarely, and MC Escher experimented with it.
DJ Raw Sugar, MC C-rad, DJ Sweet & Low and MC Escher form the outfit from Austin, Texas, who came screaming to prominence this year with their Madonna album.