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The MC68000 macroinstruction set has also downsized, so that the implementation of the remaining core macroinstruction set can be hardwired [11].
He designed the Motorola MC68000, arguably the best microprocessor ever built which was used in Apples' Macintosh computers and several other lines of workstations.
Based on Motorola's 32-bit MC68000 microprocessor, the Sperry 5000 Series includes four models that support Unix System V and accommodate from one to 64 users.
Fortune Systems also created a stir when it introduced its Fortune 32:16 workstation, based on the powerful 32-bit Motorola MC68000 microprocessor.
Early in his career he was a computer architect and designer on a number of modern computer families including the Motorola MC68000, the MIPS R2000, and the Stellar GS1000.
Les is known in our industry as an independent and entrepreneurial thinker with formidable expertise in several computer architectures, including the MC68000, PowerPC and MIPS instructions sets.
a UK-based processor design and intellectual property licensing company, and being a member of the Motorola MC68000 design and marketing teams.
Prior to this he was the assistant general manager of the High End Computing Division for MC68000 and MC88000 families; member of the 68000 founding team and chief architect for 68008, 68010 and 68020 products for Motorola.