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Meta Class System.

A portable object-oriented extension of Common Lisp from GMD. It integrates the functionality of CLOS and TELOS.


(1) See Microsoft Cluster Server.

(2) (Microsoft Consulting Services) The consulting arm of Microsoft which offers support for installation and maintenance of Microsoft applications and operating systems.

(3) (Multimedia Conference Server) A family of videoconferencing servers from VideoServer, Inc., Lexington, MA. The MCS was the first multipoint control unit to comply with H.320.

(4) A family of microcontroller units (MCUs) from Intel. In 1995, Intel introduced its 8-bit MCS 251 chips which are binary compatible with its older MCS 51 series.

(5) (Multivendor Customer Service) The consulting arm of Digital Equipment that was founded in 1993. It provided hardware, software and network services for a variety of platforms.
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1992, 1996, 1998, 1999) as a central mechanism in MCS, and such neural sensitization is produced by the process of long-term potentiation (LTP).
Catalytic MCS integrates with existing design environments.
A major practical limitation of all available definitions of MCS is the subjectivity and nonspecificity of the available information regarding the predictable and demonstrable attributes of the exposure--symptom relationship.
Double-Take Software and MCS will continue to work together to deliver disaster recovery solutions that provide significant support to IT operations in the Cayman Island region.
The MCS program is one additional way we're enhancing our interactions with those who directly impact our success.
MCS takes pride in giving the highest level of personal service to ensure that customers are able to deliver health care benefits in an organized, cost-effective manner.
Recom represents the vanguard of new technologies that may soon alter how clinicians and hospital staff monitor their cardiovascular disease patients, " said Todd Forte, MCS executive vice president.
MCS deploys most of its 33 applications - including accounting, inventory, ERP, pricing, Hyperion, Microsoft Office(R) and data warehouse - using the Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite.
Interval Research and Nortel Networks MCS 5200 to develop enhanced SIP services for cable set top boxes in the cable market
Polycom, a leader in unified collaborative communications solutions, is implementing MCS SIP compatibility on its line of Polycom VSX video conferencing systems, its MGC voice and video conference bridges and on its series of SoundPoint IP desktop phones.
Nortel Networks MCS 5100 received the Network World 'Blue Ribbon' in December 2003 following rigorous testing that compared teleworking solutions from six leading IP (Internet Protocol) telephony vendors.