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(1) (Monochrome Display Adapter) The first IBM PC monochrome video display standard for text. Due to its lack of graphics, MDA cards were often replaced with Hercules cards, which included graphics. See Hercules Graphics and VGA.

(2) (Model Driven Architecture) See Object Management Architecture.

(3) (Mechanical Design Automation) Applications that help automate the design and engineering processes from concept to manufacturing. Automotive, aerospace and discrete manufacturing are examples of industries that use MDA.

(4) (Modular Digital Architecture) An earlier snap-together, building-block approach for adding peripherals to a PC from NeoSystems, Inc.
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After Mr Khan's transfer in March when Bilal Butt replaced him as commissioner and acting director general of the MDA, Mr Khokhar, again asked the new DG for the 'favour' who directed the MDA authorities to construct the roads.
MDA and DigitalGlobe are working diligently to satisfy all of the remaining closing conditions under the merger agreement.
Social and political quarters have appreciated the much awaited initiative by MDA to get vacated various plots from the illegal custody of land grabbers.
charges in line with the previous schedule imposed before March 21, on already allotted plots in MDA controlled housing sectors in the city and the adjoining areas falling in control of the authority, a official statement issued by the MDA Thursday said.
The court directed NAB to ascertain whether the Sindh Government allotted the state land, which is subject matter of these proceedings to MDA under any legal instrument?
According to Ghaffar Shahid as per MDA rules about officers' appointment and Service Regulations 1980, criteria for ADG (BS-20) is that the candidate will be promoted from amongst Directors of BS-19 (General Cadre) having 12 year service as Director on seniority cum fitness basis.
MDA is a nonprofit health agency dedicated to curing muscular dystrophy, ALS and related diseases by funding worldwide research.
Expressing their anger, the disappointed employees told Daily Times that the MDA had refused to allot any plots in their favour almost after a decade and meanwhile benefitted from the deposited amount and its interest.
Recommendation: As MDA implements its initiatives to improve transparency, accountability, and oversight, and begins efforts to manage and oversee MDA at the element level, the Secretary of Defense should direct MDA to establish cost, schedule, and performance baselines for the acquisition of each new class of target when it is approved by the Director prior to proceeding with acquisition and report those baselines to Congress.
In 2007, King Abdullah announced the launch of MDA over nine square kilometers to support development in the southern region of the Kingdom.
We are excited to be celebrating the 10th Annual Muscle Team[R] Gala & Benefit Auction," said Erin Gayron, regional rirector of MDA in Manhattan.
MDA Chief Operating Officer Jerry Weinberg, a cob league of Ross for 49 years, will assume operational authority until a new president is selected.