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(1) (Monochrome Display Adapter) The first IBM PC monochrome video display standard for text. Due to its lack of graphics, MDA cards were often replaced with Hercules cards, which included graphics. See Hercules Graphics and VGA.

(2) (Model Driven Architecture) See Object Management Architecture.

(3) (Mechanical Design Automation) Applications that help automate the design and engineering processes from concept to manufacturing. Automotive, aerospace and discrete manufacturing are examples of industries that use MDA.

(4) (Modular Digital Architecture) An earlier snap-together, building-block approach for adding peripherals to a PC from NeoSystems, Inc.
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I love MDA summer camp, and I can't wait until I get to go this summer and see my friends," said MDA's 2015 National Goodwill Ambassador Reagan Imhoff.
We have been routinely demanding the MDA to refund the fee or allot the plots, so they opted to refund a reduced amount without any interest.
Recommendation: As MDA implements its initiatives to improve transparency, accountability, and oversight, and begins efforts to manage and oversee MDA at the element level, the Secretary of Defense should direct MDA to ensure that program acquisition unit costs for BMDS assets are reported in the BMDS Accountability Report, to provide Congress with more complete and comprehensive information by including development costs.
The four MDA clusters have been conceived in a way to create synergy between them and leverage the unique attributes of each, while being tailored to the needs of local and regional markets, rendering MDA an all-inclusive and unique area offering some of the region's most advantageous incentives to investors.
Each athlete is paired with an MDA Buddy--a local child affected by neuromuscular disease.
MDA's approach was brought about by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld's January 2002 memorandum on MDA program direction, which fundamentally restructured the missile defense program by canceling the missile defense operational requirements documents (ORDs).
12) also proposed the use of MMDA for free MDA detection by GC with prior derivatization with pentafluorophenylhydrazine.
Sample concentrations ([micro]M/L) of MDA and 4-HNE were derived from standard concentration curves.
With its seamless integration into the DAW, MDA Creator allows users to easily mix their soundtracks in an MDA environment and export an MDA deliverable.
The organization will continue to share the inspirational stories of MDA families on Labor Day and throughout the year via digital channels as part of an emerging year-round plan to revitalize its brand, connect with donors more frequently, strengthen family support, and attract and recognize sponsors in new ways.
8220;We're walking to help MDA fund worldwide research and to provide unparalleled health care services to people with muscle diseases,” said Cathy Sanita, Raleigh Executive Director.
In the past year, MDA has fielded additional and new assets, enhanced the capability of some existing assets, and achieved most test objectives.