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MDC is a US homebuilder whose subsidiaries have homebuilding operations across the country.
Conclusion: The present data suggest that MDC and MMP-9 may be involved in the pathogenesis of SLE, and serum levels of MDC and MMP-9 could be markers of monitoring disease activity, renal damage, disease progression and improvement in SLE.
Zanu-PF wants to shrug off its burdensome partner after more than four years of compromise, while the MDC wishes finally to assume control over politics.
It's word of mouth and referrals that have helped MDC Architects evolve so well in just 5 short years,” says Cormia.
Mr Fish said: "I'm going on April 25 to the MDC congress which they hold every five years.
Kilani continued: "We look forward to working with MDC to accelerate the pace of achievements and drive investors and foreign direct investments into the Area.
Wayne Bvudzijena, a police spokesman, named the MDC members arrested as Pearson Mungofa, Bednoc Nyaude, Matthew Mlambo and Trevor Saruwaka.
Bill Snaith, MDC director, said: "The centre's developmental approach will make full use of the experience, expertise and success of Durham Business School and its staff.
It is a question of backing the MDC or sacking us over this issue," said MDC council member Trevor Lloyd.
The MDC is still strong and we are confident of taking over power to end the suffering of our people.
The company's products are described as complementary to the patent annuity and trademark renewal services of MDC and will allow MDC to expand "into key European markets," IHI said.
According to its own press release, MDC describes Folio Corporation as "a pioneer in the development of information management software products.