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MOSYS Incorporated, headquartered in Sunnyvale, is a semiconductor memory architecture company and manufacturer of ultra-high performance MDRAM and MCache products.
MOSYS, Multibank, MDRAM and MCache are trademarks of MOSYS Incorporated.
The ET6000's revolutionary memory interface enables manufacturers to choose from a wide range of granularities of MDRAM memory," stated Fu-Hsieh Hsu, president of MoSys, Inc.
The LIGHTSPEED 128 is the first accelerator to use Multibank MDRAM -- a new memory technology developed by MoSys(TM) Corporation to provide much faster data transfer for video applications.
NOTE TO EDITORS: MoSys, Multibank and MDRAM are trademarks of MoSys Inc.
The appointment signals the beginning of the company's shift from the development stage into volume production of its ultra-high performance, Multibank MDRAMs.
The architecturally superior MDRAMs outstrip all previously described DRAMs by a wide margin, providing lower latency, application optimized granularity and the highest net usable bandwidth in the industry (bandwidth after accounting for overhead that exceeds competitive DRAMs by 250%).