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The country code for Mexico.
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From war zones to holiday homes, Frontier MEDEX delivers fully integrated medical, safety and security solutions focused on prevention, intervention and response, including:-
To be a savvy, safe traveler, MEDEX recommends the following:
Language interpretation errors can lead to clinical mistakes in medical emergencies, and even routine prescriptions may not be available or allowed through customs in a number of countries," says Bruce Kirby, CEO of MEDEX Global Group.
MEDEX Global Group is North America's leading provider of international travel, medical and security evacuation and assistance services.
As the increase in global travel continues, individual and institutional consumers demand comprehensive security intelligence and protection," said MEDEX CEO Bruce Kirby.
To compile the evaluation, MEDEX experts examined a variety of factors including the country's quality of healthcare, blood supply and disease risks.
Roban is pioneering a new role at MEDEX, overseeing the expansion of international and domestic sales for corporate, scholastic and USAID clients.
While we all hope that an Avian Flu pandemic does not become a reality, we also recognize that 'hoping' is not a viable strategy should it actually come to pass," stated MEDEX Assistance President and CEO Bruce Kirby.
MEDEX 360m Monitors cover 236 countries and territories with destination- specific information on diseases / health risks; immunization requirements / recommendations; the quality / availability of local care; health alerts / updates; travel health prevention / advice; and health risk ratings.