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Knuth faced a type-availability problem as well, and addressed it by developing the program METAFONT for creating fonts to be used with [T.
E]X's initial use notwithstanding, METAFONT has been found sufficiently unconventional by type designers that it has failed to secure a place in mainstream type design as an alternative to PostScript and TrueType.
Using interletter spacing variations and widths of letter strings with METAFONT, Liu and Arditi (2000) found that the participants made more mistakes in judging the number of letters in the stimulus strings as interletter spacing decreased.
X and METAFONT required much more intensity of concentration than did writing a chapter.
The two other finalists for the award were: Donald Knuth for his TeX and METAFONT systems, which developed a new paradigm for typesetting and for his technique of literate programming; and John Gilmore for his work with Cygnus Solutions, the first company dedicated to supporting free software, as well as for his continued championship of the Free Software movement.
These differences, taken together, have important implications: They suggest in general that the success of automatic formattng in mathematics may not be easy to repeat in music, and specifically that METAFONT and TEX will be of less direct use than Gourlay thinks.