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In a carbon steel, the temperature at which martensite formation finishes during cooling of austenite.





mill finish

The finish on a metal sheet, bar, etc., which is produced by cold rolling or extrusion.


(Medium Frequency) See frequency bands.
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MFS WorldCom anticipates that its consolidated savings will be so great they will pay for the merger over five or six years.
However, married nonresident aliens are prohibited from filing joint tax returns and are subject to the MFS penalty, if applicable.
Matthew Ryan joined MFS in 1997 and is a Portfolio Manager of global and emerging markets debt portfolios with 25 years of experience.
MFS has offices in Boston, Hong Kong, London, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto.
MFS McLean Budden is now MFS Investment Management Canada Ltd, the company said.
Financial advisors should contact the MFS Service Center, 800-225-2606, or their MFS wholesaler, for additional information regarding Class W shares.
MFS employs an absolute return investment approach, seeking to earn a positive return regardless of market conditions.
Adams will also continue in his role as director of credit research at MFS.
Please see the fund's most recent dividend source information available from payable date at MFS.
MFS is responding to the increasing popularity of target date funds with the addition of MFS Lifetime 2050 Fund," said James Jessee, president of MFS Fund Distributors, Inc.
The PMC is a world-class philanthropic event and offers sponsors a 100% pass-through rate on their donations, directly to cancer research, which is quite an achievement," said Robert Manning, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MFS.