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There are also DVB-T2 SoC solutions available for both pay-TV and FTA that support the MHEG-5 profile selected by South Africa.
As per Maynard, S&T has a great track record for innovation and delivery, largely in the MHEG-5 domain.
It currently has more than 25 licensees for its digital TV middleware stacks such as ATSC, OpenCable, DVB-T/C/S/CI, MHEG-5 and ISDB-T/S, which are found in various product segments such as HDTV, hybrid set-top box, DVR and in-car TVs.
Services can be accessed with one button press, even from standby, and use less than one percent of the bandwidth compared to traditional MHP and MHEG-5 interactive TV services.
A unique feature included with the set top box (that may be required in the future) is the ability to decode MHEG-5 free to air unencrypted signals.
Keystone also offers manufacturers additional advantages including a rich application environment using MHEG-5, which allows CAM manufacturers to present a more professional, high-end application to the user than was possible with CI MMI Messages alone.
When you start talking about the need to build in support for MHEG-5, DVB-S2, ISDB-T, HbbTV and CI, it can be intimidating," added Helps.
Furthermore, Sunplus offers one-stop-shop digital TV IC series cover ATSC, DVB-T, MHEG-5 and DTMB broadcasting standards to worldwide markets.
This standard version of our application relies on MHEG-5, the same technology that powers BBC iPlayer on Freesat HD boxes, and the technology long used to deliver Red Button services on Freeview and Freesat.
com)-- The tool, developed by Ocean Blue as an MHEG-5 and CI Plus (CI+) application author, contains many of the features commonly found in professional integrated development environments (IDE) and allows developers to create dynamic and visually impressive graphical user interface applications for digital TV platforms.
Wipro with its wide spectrum of competencies in the Consumer Electronics domain has more than twenty five licensees for its Digital TV middleware stacks such as ATSC, OpenCable, DVB-T/C/S/CI, MHEG-5 and ISDB-T/S.
S&T (Strategy & Technology), a provider of interactive-TV technologies aimed at helping broadcasters improve their businesses, is introducing the RedKey 3, a DTV receiver client software that supports execution of interactive applications conforming to the HbbTV specification and various MHEG-5 profiles.