MIPS project

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The engagement of regional coordinators also meant that the MIPS project was responsive to regional differences.
The combination of regional coordinators working alongside the IRI research team meant that there was a mix within the MIPS project of "insiders" and "outsiders".
New Android applications stemming from the Embedded Alley MIPS project include personal multimedia and Mobile Internet Devices, digital video and home entertainment (STB/DTV/HDTV), automotive (GPS and infotainment), medical devices, home automation, SOHO networking, instrumentation and industrial control.
Anjan Nan, a member of CNCD, who spearheads the academic work of the MIPS project.
ACAGI's funding includes two Maryland Technology Development Corporation grants -- $152,000 from the Maryland Technology Transfer Fund, and $83,000 from the Aberdeen Technology Transfer Initiative (ATTI) -- while the MIPS project is for a total of $109,000.
Commercial products benefiting from MIPS projects have generated more than $30.
MIPS projects help companies find solutions to technical challenges, as well as develop products, processes or training materials.
More than 5,000 current jobs have resulted from MIPS projects, many of them from big-impact companies such as MedImmune, Hughes Network Systems, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.
Funding from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Agency and the Maryland Biotechnology Center supported select MIPS projects.
and Black & Decker -- each have products that benefited from MIPS projects with Maryland faculty.
MIPS projects are funded twice yearly, in May and October.