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The eggs, allowing for all mishaps, will produce two hundred and fifty chickens.
Sometimes we had mishaps, as when one got stuck twice in succession in a five-handed game of Sancho Pedro for the drinks.
Many workmen, it is true, paid with their lives for the rashness inherent in these dangerous labors; but these mishaps are impossible to be avoided, and they are classed among the details with which the Americans trouble themselves but little.
NEW DELHI, March 7 (KUNA) -- An Indian navy commander was killed and several others injured in a warship mishap in the eastern port city of Mumbai, government sources said on Friday.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- At least five people died and 38 others sustained injuries in a road mishap in the Eastern Indian state of Odisha, a senior police official said.
The children, students of a private school, were headed for the school when the mishap occurred near Jaheera village in Lambhra, close to Nakodar, a senior Indian police official said.
During the first quarter of calendar year 2013, the Naval Safety Center will be introducing the Afloat Mishap & Hazard Reporting System (AMHRS).
The tourist bus, owned by a private operator Shree Kaleshwari travels, was heading from Hyderabad to the temple town of Shirdi in Ahmednagar in western Maharashtra, when the mishap took place near Jalkot villlage at around 2.
Summary: A parking mishap resulted in a store losing its facade after a woman crashed her car into the establishment.
Jane Tweeted: "Hope Cat is OK after a mishap with a pair of BBC Scotland headphones
02 (Saba)- At least 15 people were killed and 50 others injured due to a train mishap, local media reported Wednesday.
For more information on afloat safety and mishap reduction, visit www.