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Management Information Tools has nearly ten years of experience offering enterprise reporting solutions, and thousands of MITS OLAP Business Intelligence systems have been installed worldwide.
We are excited with the positive feedback that we have already been receiving from the early reviews of MITS Report by MITS resellers and end-users.
Management Information Tools will release MITS Report in early 2006.
developer of the renowned MITS OLAP Business Intelligence system, (now known as "MITS Discover"), is the leading developer of Advanced Reporting and Business Intelligence for the MultiValue database market.
o MitsWeb: This is the newest addition to the MITS Product Suite, acting as a zero footprint client for viewing MITS hypercubes using a Web browser.
o Produce valuable reports from MITS hypercubes of several years of data within seconds.
o Drill down into MITS hypercubes in ad hoc fashion to quickly discover underlying trends.