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Knuth's hypothetical machine, used in The Art of Computer Programming v.1, Donald Knuth, A-W 1969.


A ready-mixed batch of concrete, plaster, or mortar.


On drawings, abbr. for mixture.


(1) (Multimedia Internet EXchange) An Internet access point that supports quality of service (QoS) for multimedia traffic. See NAP and MPLS.

(2) (Medical Information EXchange System) A health information exchange (HIE) system for Windows from SETECS Medical Technologies (www.setecs.com). MIX enables interfacing to any EMR/EHR system that supports the HL7 messaging standard. Issued to both patients and healthcare providers, PIV-compliant smart cards provide strong security (see PIV).
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Regarding the mix challenge: ``I guess it's kind of what you make it.
Mix sugar and cinnamon together; gently roll beignets in mixture.
Typically, for laboratory compaction of cold mixes, holes are drilled in the molds to allow any excess fluids (solvent or waste) to escape during mix consolidation.
For a field that has barely begun to tackle real-world conditions, such findings suggest that many tough challenges remain in the mix.
Within the mixing chamber there is at least one thermocouple that allows the change of temperature of the product mix during the mixing process to be tracked or monitored.
Complete line of meter, mix and dispense along with accompanying automation capabilities.
By contrast, the deep sea has always appeared calmer, with little tidal turbulence to mix the water.
Incredibly delicious and thirst-quenching, Baja Bob's Mojito Mix is sweetened with Splenda([R]) and all natural flavors so the taste of fresh mint, sweet lime comes pouring through, without the guilt of high calories or the artificial taste often associated with sugar-free products laced with erythritol or aspartame.
Introducing liquids in this manner will, in most cases, allow you to keep the ram in float or down position such that there is no loss of temperature or extension of the mix time.
Versator solid/liquid blender can mix, blend and defoam two or more components.
FRUIT SALSA: In a large bowl, mix 2 medium kiwi fruit, peeled and cut into large chunks (1 1/3 cups), 2 medium oranges, separated into sections and chopped (1 cup), 1 cup sliced strawberries, 2 tablespoons lime juice, 4 teaspoons sugar and 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger OR 1 teaspoon finely chopped ginger root, if desired.
When the disk is more than half full, wedges of material mix, but because these wedges don't penetrate to the disk's center, the process leaves an unmixed core.