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13 million with a capacity to process 16 MMSCFD of gas, producing 60 MTP/D of LPG and 830 B/D of Solvent oil.
PennTex has also entered into a letter of intent with UOP to purchase a third 200 MMSCFD cryogenic plant, scheduled for delivery in November 2015, which will be used in one of Penntex's midstream platforms.
Scope of work: Infield gas gathering system from four well sites to the CPF, 100 MMSCFD modular surface facilities for the gas plant to be provided by process package suppliers in skids, Inlet separation facilities; Gas processing AGRU, Gas Dehydration, Hydrocarbon Dewpointing, LPG Recovery, Condensate Stabilisation, Produced Water Treatment and SRU; Power Generation & Utilities etc.
5 million standard cubic feet daily, or MMSCFD, in 2011, as several projects went into operation along with the plant efficiency that brought down greenhouse emissions by a hefty 40,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, or CO2, a report said.
25 MMSCFD of gas and 100 BPD of condensate through 32/64 choke.
Zahid Maqbool said at least 350 MMSCFD (million standard cubic feet per day) of discovered gas was lying unutilized in Kunnar, Pasaki, Tando Allah Yar and Sinjhoro fields due to litigation issues.
The company also announced earlier this year plans for a second Edmonton, Alberta facility to come on-stream in 2008 and produce 105 MMSCFD as the first merchant plant in Canada to provide a sale of hydrogen for use in the upgrading of Canadian oil sands.
i) SSGC operates a train of 10 purification banks with a total gas processing capacity of 790 MMSCFD.
After rising to 8,857 MMSCFD in 2010 from 7,962 MMSCFD in the previous year, the production fell to 8,415 MMSCFD in 2011 and to 8,167 MMSCFD in 2012.
The other, a 12 MMSCFD plant supplies a nearby chemical facility for production of butanediol (BDO).
Head of PLN's oil fuel and gas division Suryadi said the company has secured gas supply of 95 million cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) including 70 MMSCFD from Walanga, Sampi-Sampi, Bonge (Wasambo) and 25 MMSCFD from Donggi Senoro.
Upon completion, it is anticipated that incremental production will be 12 MMcf per day of gas, 720 bbls per day of condensate, 80 mt per day of sulphur and 12 mt per day of LPG After carrying out in-house comprehensive reservoir study of Qadirpur gas filed, it is envisaged that the Company is in a position to commit 100 MMSCFD additional gas in addition to its commitment i.