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Trijicon's Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) has become one of the most popular MRDS options.
Practicamente desde 2004, ningun organismo internacional hace referencia al MRDS como consecuencia, entre otras, de criticas al tratarse de un marco regulador que pondria limite tanto a los derechos de los paises deudores como a las jurisdicciones nacionales mas proteccionistas de los acreedores.
The eGFR can be estimated by using the Cockcroft-Gault formula (24) or the MRDS equation used in the Diet in Renal Disease Study--recommended by the National Kidney Disease Education Program (United States, 25).
Estimation of population size was done using DISTANCE software's MRDS module.
The MRDS has been able to benefit several unemployed villagers in the South Garo Hills in Meghalaya, in the remotest and most backward district of the state.
En depit de l'envergure des debats au sujet de ce mecanisme, en particulier en ce qui a trait a la position de Washington quant a la possibilite de pourvoir l'Argentine avec du nouveau financement, la litterature sur le MRDS continue d'etre dominee par des analyses economiques.
Mineral deposits are described in the MRDS (Mineral Resources Data System), a database of mineral deposits created and maintained by the U.
I've seen Beretta's MHS version of this pistol, and it too featured this plunger and lacked the provisions for attaching an MRDS.
This Pro Series pistol comes with a slide already cut, just in front of the traditional rear sight, for the following optics; the Trijicon RMR, the Leupold Delta Point, the Jpoint, the Docter Optic, the Insight MRDS and the C-More STS.
Just off the top of my head I can think of the Burris FastFire, the Docter, Bushnell First Strike, JP Rifles' JPoint, Insight Technologies' MRDS, Leupold DeltaPoint and the Trijicon RMR.
Fitting an Insight MRDS sight I had on hand was a simple matter of removing the filler plate, picking a spacer which fit the MRDS and bolting it in place.
Many thanks also to Jan Allen, JoAnna Dutka, Andy Hutcheson, Helen Ostovich, Gordon Oxley, Eamonn Pellican, Carole Rawcliffe, Elizabeth Rutledge, Matt Woodcock, the patient and helpful staff at the Norfolk Record Office, my reviewers for Early Theatre, and all those who responded to my presentations at CRRS (May 2005), MRDS (July 2005), and SAA (April 2006).