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MRTD Scheme for Two-Conductor Lossless Transmission Lines
For deriving the MRTD scheme for (1a) and (1b), we need the following integrals:
Terminal Iterative Equations for Resistive Load in MRTD Scheme.
Then different wavelet bases such as Haar, Coifman, Daubechies, and Cohen-Daubechies-Feauveau (CDF) were introduced for the MRTD method.
The MRTD solution of Maxwell's equations requires the discretization of Eq.
2, the unit cell of the MRTD scheme is similar to the unit cell of the spherical Yee grid.
This is implemented by discretizing the Maxwell's equations with symplectic scheme in time and MRTD scheme in space.
According to the derivations above, we get the symplectic MRTD.
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