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MS Windows 95 MS Office 97 Small Business Edition (A) 3-yr Limited MS Windows 95 Warranty w/ 1-yr on- site service (A) 3-yr Limited Warranty with 1-yr on-site service $2,599 $3,299 $3,899
pcANYWHERE CE is designed for the WINDOWS CE operating system on the Remote side, and MS Windows 95 and/or Windows NT on the Host.
X, MS Windows 95, MS Windows NT, Unix/Motif (many flavors), OS/2, and VAX/VMS.
1, MS Windows 95, MS Windows NT, IBM OS/2, UNIX Motif, and Macintosh System 7 operating systems.
It also supports MS Windows 95,98/2000, NT and will soon support Unix, Linux and Novell.
Z-STAR DX4/100 notebooks that ship with MS Windows 95 preloaded include EZ-Companion custom software from Zenith Data Systems specifically designed to make Windows 95 easier to use with interactive tours and information about the Z-STAR and operating system, and a direct connection to the online ZDS information service for help.
Based on the latest 32-bit technology running under MS Windows 95, 98 and NT, Proteus Office is fast, accurate, easy to use and extremely reliable.
The Company also announced that it will focus on the rapidly growing MS Windows 95, Windows NT, and Internet World Wide Web markets.
ME FOR MS WINDOWS 95 incorporates hundreds of answers to Windows 3.