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PEC initially will provide support in a variety of program areas including user requirements definition, assessing the feasibility of technology used to link distributed databases, and supporting activities related to acquiring software and implementation activities to accomplish the MSIE system.
IEClean is for MSIE users who want to control information the browser stores in voluminous historical files on the user's hard disk.
an MSEE/MSCS in data networking, and an MSME/ MSIE in manufacturing systems -- plus a dual degree from Dartmouth College in engineering and economics.
He holds an MBA from the University of Detroit, an MSIE from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a BSME from the University of Bombay, India.
5 works with desktop clients, such as Communicator, MSIE and Outlook Express without additional upgrades or plug-ins.
In addition to providing a computer user with a thorough understanding of the Internet Explorer and its associated technologies, the courseware effectively prepares Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) candidates by giving them the necessary information to pass Implementing and Supporting MSIE 4.
Verity also plans to enhance the KEYview product to provide direct support for highlights, navigation, and clustered results list viewing while Netscape or MSIE browsers are used to query any SEARCH'97 server.