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(1) See micro systems technology.

(2) (Magnetic Secure Transmission) See Samsung Pay.

(3) (Multi-Stream Transport) Daisy chaining DisplayPort (DP) devices together. For example, when connecting two monitors, a DP cable goes from the computer's DP-Out port to the DP-In port of the first monitor, and another cable connects DP-Out from the first monitor to the DP-In of the second monitor. See DisplayPort.

A Viewsonic Daisy Chain
This Viewsonic VP2771 user manual shows how many monitors can be daisy chained via the MST interface; for example, four 2K monitors; one 4K and two 2K; or two 4K.
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Newport told CDR that Lockheed Martin MST sees themselves as being in a privileged position in Canada, as the service they offer is rare.
Armed Forces, only a few studies have focused specifically on their experience of MST.
Knowing how uptime is crucial in underground mining, the new Camso MST 776 was engineered to maximize tread life while protecting it from puncture," said Mike Dembe, Camso's product management director for North America and Latin America.
Source Molecular is working with the EPA on this official MST method, after having been proficiency-tested independently against academic laboratories.
All NSOs and trainees underwent training on how to conduct interviews with survivors of MST.
When RJ Cargo left MST in 2007 for the somewhat greener pastures --at that time, Karren said, Brussels dealt with more cargo carriers, leading to alliances and interline agreements that MST couldn't provide--it still stayed in touch with operations in the Netherlands.
We wanted to know, what does MST save taxpayers and crime victims?
Its members participated in community planning, sent delegates to state and national meetings, and acknowledged ties to individual MST leaders.
MST exhibits excellent performance to remove dissolved strontium, plutonium, neptunium and uranium from highly alkaline salt solutions such as the high-level nuclear waste solutions stored at the Savannah River Site from fuel reprocessing operations.
6) Instead of one therapist, MST assigns a team of therapists to the youth and his or her family for the duration of the treatment period.
Established in 2002, MST has developed into a major international manufacturer and supplier of rigid inflatable boats.
The MST technology involves the production of an altered or "nano-doped" layer of silicon that can be used in the manufacturing of silicon solar PV wafers; a process already proven in traditional semiconductor manufacturing.