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(1) (Modern User Interface) A state-of-the-art user interface. For example, the term is used for the NSIS installation system and the Windows 8 tablet interface. See Modern UI.

(2) (Mobile User Interface) A GUI for smartphones. Designed to accommodate small screens, an MUI may include a physical keyboard, soft keys or touchscreen (see smartphone keyboard). In order to minimize typing, MUIs include an autocomplete function that anticipates the next word from only a couple keystrokes. See TUI and GUI.

(3) (Management User Interface) A graphical user interface used in a local or remote console that provides control over software or systems. See Microsoft Management Console.

(4) (Multilingual User Interface) A feature of Microsoft Windows and Office that supports multiple human languages. Introduced with Windows 2000, MUI functionality lets users work in their spoken language, but only translates menus and messages, not file, folder and Registry names. Software that is entirely customized (localized) for a particular country translates all hardware and software components, making usage more comfortable for native speakers. See localization.

(5) (Magic User Interface) An object-oriented system for creating graphical user interfaces on the Amiga computer that provides a more modern, sculptured look than the original Amiga offered. There are numerous applications that have been MUI enabled. For more information, visit the Standardized Amiga Shareware Group (SASG) at See Amiga.
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