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MXI will provide direct consumer access to medical supplies, durable medical equipment, diagnostics and other products, plus it will facilitate specially-bundled packages based on the consumers' location, time and need.
ACCESS Enterprise (AE) is a management system for portable security devices and it supports the full range of Stealth Key and Stealth HD devices offered by MXI.
Individuals and companies alike can use biometric authentication to further protect their data, advises MXI Security.
The MXI Server is hosted and deployed by the wireless service operator, and centrally executes Windows, Linux, Palm and Java applications.
Imation, the Imation logo, Defender Collection, the Defender Collection logo, Memorex, the Memorex logo, XtremeMac and MXI Security are trademarks of Imation Corp.
The full range of Stealth devices is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated, according to MXI.
The company said that the new series replaces the Outbacker MXP Series and is powered by MXI Security's Bluefly Portable Security Processor.
Imation's Mobile Security portfolio, which includes MXI Security, IronKey and Imation Defender Collection solutions, gives health care organizations tools to empower mobile workers while protecting patient privacy.
All authentication process run completely within the trusted hardware on the latest version of MXI Security's Bluefly processor.
Imation, the Imation logo, Memorex, XtremeMac, and MXI Security, are trademarks of Imation Corp.
IT security firm MXI Security announced on Thursday (17 April) Stealth MXP, a pocket-size security device powerful enough to run a fully-encrypted PC or laptop image.
The Company followed this with the acquisition of MXI Security in June 2011, adding MXI technologies and solutions for device security, including the Stealth Zone platform for secure computing environments.