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(Mobile PCI EXpress Module) A standard interface for graphics processing units (GPUs) in a laptop computer. Spearheaded by NVIDIA's MXM-SIG in 2004, MXM enabled graphics cards to be interchanged, and numerous laptop vendors support MXM although several use non-standard MXM cards. However, in order to bring a laptop up to desktop graphics standards, external GPUs may be used that reside in their own enclosures and connect via ExpressCard or Thunderbolt interfaces. See PCI Express and external GPU.

MXM        SizeType    (Wide/Long)

   I      70 x  68 mm
   II     73 x  78 mm
   III    82 x 100 mm
   IV     82 x 117 mm (deprecated)

   A      82 x  70 mm
   B      82 x 105 mm