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A volcanic crater that was created by violent explosion but not accompanied by igneous extrusion; frequently, it is filled by a small circular lake.



a funnel-shaped or cylindrical depression of volcanic origin, formed on the earth’s surface during a single gas explosion not accompanied by the extrusion of lava. They are up to 3,200 m across and 300-400 m deep. Maars are often ringed by ridges made up of fragments of rock shattered by the gases. In wet climates maars often fill with water and form lakes, for example, the Laacher See in the Eifel massif (Federal Republic of Germany) and Lakes Pavin and La Godivelle in Auvergne, France.

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Uys skryf 25 dramas en meer as 30 eenmansvertonings en revues wat plaaslik maar ook in die buiteland opgevoer word.
Pelops is deur die gode weer lewendig gemaak, maar sy bestaan het baie gruweldade ingesluit en na sy dood het die familievloek oorgegaan op sy seuns, Atreus en Thyestes.
He connects phreatomagmatic activity with a low magma flux during the initial stages of volcanism, where the vents are not open, or with a time of rapid readjustement and maar collapse.
waar vertel word hoe 'n jong hofkonstabel kort en kragtig, maar baie doeltreffend 'n lawaaierige groep mense tot stilte dwing.
In this section, we will introduce MAAR model to overcome the unreasonable assumption on motion trajectory in AR model.
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Having begun in November of last year, the project is still in its consultation phase and seeks to develop what Maar refers to as a holistic understanding of diabetes in these First Nations communities.
Maar and Picasso may have only loved each other in the traditional sense for a short time, but they inspired each other from the mid-1930s to the mid-1940s.
Dora Maar With Cat, painted in 1941 at the height of the couple's tempestuous relationship, almost doubled its pre-sale estimate of $50 million (pounds 27 million) at Sotheby's.
Hierdie is die verhale van twee bekende vroue uit die Bybel: Naomi, skoonma van die Moabitiese Rut wat die God van Israel as haar eie aanneem, en Batseba, die vrou van Urija wat owerspel pleeg met koning Dawid van Israel 'n Mens lees in die Bybel meer van Naomi as van Batseba, maar in hierdie twee novelles word albei vroue mense van vlees en bloed, wat dink en droom en doen.