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see Ujung PandangUjung Pandang
, formerly Makasar
, city (1990 pop. 944,685), SW Sulawesi, capital of Sulawesi Selatan prov., Indonesia. The largest city in Sulawesi, it is one of Indonesia's important seaports, a distribution and transshipment point for goods from Europe and Asia.
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, Indonesia.
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Not all Macassar could prevent alarm, Nor all Circassia's cream, Columbia's balm.
The Fibonacci is handcrafted featuring the iconic Fibonacci spiral made entirely from six individual logs of Macassar Ebony, creating a fluid design that represents the geometric harmony found in nature.
Inspired by the intoxicating performance and sophisticated interiors of luxury European sports cars, these winders will attack the senses of the most demanding automatic-watch aficionados with a combination of ebony Macassar wood veneer, polished chrome and rich black pebble exteriors.
When Macknight (1976:95) found in the Dutch Governor-General's report from Batavia to the Heeren of the East India Company in October 1754 a reference to voyages 'now and then' from Macassar and Timor to 'The Southland' to gather 'trepang .
Limited only to 10 boxes, this Ebony Pearl edition has a striking mother-of-pearl inlay in the shape of a peacock, a Macassar ebony veneer and a soft faux-leather interior in vibrant blue.
Coastlines were dotted with "portpolities" such as Aden, Hormuz, and Cambay (near Ahmedabad in modern Gujarat); Goa, Canannore, and Calicut on the Malabar coast; Aceh and Malacca (close to Singapore); and Macassar (in the Spice Islands).
Philosophically uncoupled from the diktats of the body, supplied with the perverse injunctions that plastic is as good as ivory and pressboard no worse than macassar, seduced into believing that polyester is better than the hair of the Tibetan antelope and John Cage more meaningful than Bach, the soul has been shamelessly used by the epoch as the alibi for all its self-destructive malfeasance.
EBONY MACASSAR Guest rooms at the property are a minimum size 52 sq m, while the luxuriously appointed suites start at 85 sq m in size.
France - 2nts in Picardy (below) from approx PS132pp inc Dover-Calais sailings and B&B in luxury boutique hotel Le Macassar near Amiens.
30) Entji' Amin, Sjair Perang Mengkasar: The rhymed chronicle of the Macassar War, ed.
The successful drama production which was presented in Somerset West and Macassar at the end of April, is being brought back by public demand.