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fast-food restaurant chain throughout the world; recognized by golden arches. [Am. Culture: Misc.]
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The aroma colleagues' repasts hangs the air and had We don't have Maccy D's at our desks now because we can't be bothered to walk into town.
Until Maccy D's young workers are properly paid, surely none of its customers can really enjoy a Happy Meal?
UNLESS you've been hiding in a Maccy D's toilet cubicle for the past year you'll have undoubtedly heard about the latest fad convincing us we're not slim, healthy or happy enough.
Gareth Robinson said: "No thank you, we have a Maccy D's just five minutes down the road.
How many times I have spoken to friends returning from some Michelin-branded haute cuisine trek, only to listen to a whispered, "We had to go for a Maccy D's on the way home, there just wasn't enough food in those seven courses.
I MUST be really thick - because at least three people will arrive behind me before I've grasped Maccy D's menu.
This divide between so-called real people and foodie PRs was only underlined by Alex James with his praise for Maccy D's, KFC and Greggs.
Mmmmm, bring on the Maccy D's and KFC - all washed down with bottles of Bud
NOT since Maccy D's golden arches first livened up the mashed parsnip-diet drabness of the former East Germany, or Levi's "blue jeans" started selling around Moscow's Red Square, had there been sucha clamour on the streets.
And, remember, Walton: kids who grow up on Maccy D's cheeseburgers don't necessarily end up appreciating food in the world's best restaurants.
Which we'll soon get modernised right up and stick in a Maccy D's and a Colonel Sanders while we're about it, eh?