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the language of the present-day Macedonians; one of the principal languages of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Macedonian belongs to the eastern branch of the South Slavic languages. The main dialect groups are the western, eastern, and northern.

The Macedonian literary language had formed by the mid-1940’s from the central subdialects of the western dialect, which is similar to the colloquial language. The alphabet is Slavic (Cyrillic). Literary Macedonian has five vowel phonemes (i, e, a, o, and u) and a syllabic r. Stress is mobile, occurring on the antepenultimate syllable (prochitav, prochitavme). Consonants specific to Macedonian include the affricates S (dz) and U (), and the mediopalatals K and g (from Common Slavic *tj and * dj). Nouns have three types of postpositional definite article; oblique case inflections have been lost. The future tense is formed by means of the particle Ke; there are four past tenses (including a perfect tense of the type imam videno, “I have seen”), and indirect tense forms of the indicative and conditional mood. Analytism has developed in Macedonian, as in the other Balkan languages.


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Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov is set to place a memorial plaque Monday in the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore stating that it was there that Pope Adrian II consecrated the books translated by the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius and that it was there that a service was officially held in the Slavic language for the first time.
and Lillian Petroff's Sojourners and Settlers to illustrate their important contributions to the history of Macedonian immigration to Canada.
This left the population of Southwest Bulgaria a which was harassed by its own government on orders from Moscow a to shake off the imagined ethnic Macedonian identity imposed on it.
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Also during the anticipated visit, the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce will invite its Kuwaiti counterpart to visit Macedonia in order to observe the economic situation and investment opportunities there on ground, Georgevski concluded.
We must find a way to live side by side as brothers--Greeks, Macedonians, and Persians.
Exposed to continual attempts for its annulment or assimilation, the Macedonian language has affirmed itself as a centuries-long resurrection that, similarly to all resurrections, had its casualties.
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