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the language of the present-day Macedonians; one of the principal languages of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Macedonian belongs to the eastern branch of the South Slavic languages. The main dialect groups are the western, eastern, and northern.

The Macedonian literary language had formed by the mid-1940’s from the central subdialects of the western dialect, which is similar to the colloquial language. The alphabet is Slavic (Cyrillic). Literary Macedonian has five vowel phonemes (i, e, a, o, and u) and a syllabic r. Stress is mobile, occurring on the antepenultimate syllable (prochitav, prochitavme). Consonants specific to Macedonian include the affricates S (dz) and U (), and the mediopalatals K and g (from Common Slavic *tj and * dj). Nouns have three types of postpositional definite article; oblique case inflections have been lost. The future tense is formed by means of the particle Ke; there are four past tenses (including a perfect tense of the type imam videno, “I have seen”), and indirect tense forms of the indicative and conditional mood. Analytism has developed in Macedonian, as in the other Balkan languages.


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Cyril and Methodius in New Jersey, the leaders of the United Macedonian Diaspora, Aleksandar Mitevski and Meto Koloski, and the leaders of the Macedonian Human Rights Movement International.
On 25 and 26 June, the 43rd International Academic Conference was held at which Macedonian and foreign experts presented the results of their latest research on the Macedonian language, literature and culture to the summer school attendees.
Contested Ethnic Identity successfully demonstrates that individual immigrants along with community elites contested Macedonian identity through history, language, control of local churches, and even disputed the heritage of prewar Bulgarian immigrants from Macedonia (232).
One of the provisions of this state engineering project of the two notorious communist dictators was the creation of a Macedonian republic within the future federation.
Different terms are used for the emigration that origins from the Macedonian territory which have their own different ideological-political foundation.
As part of an agreement between the health ministries of Turkey and Macedonia, Macedonian citizens travelling in Turkey would be able to receive free health care in case of emergencies, the statement also said.
Daniel Gidney, chief executive of the Ricoh Arena, said: "It will be a fantastic occasion and it would be good if we could get as many people as possible down to the Ricoh Arena to provide the best possible atmosphere, including a Macedonian contingent.
A joint economic congress to group Macedonian and Kuwaiti businessmen, along with representatives of Kuwaiti companies is also to take place during the visit, Georgevski pointed out, adding that such gatherings would help boost investment opportunities in the two countries, which would contribute to developing cooperation at all levels, especially in construction, agricultural development, transportation and food products among others.
We must find a way to live side by side as brothers--Greeks, Macedonians, and Persians.
After months of escalating clashes between Macedonian security forces and armed Albanian guerillas demanding greater rights for the country's Albanian minority, a shaky, ceasefire holds while the country's leaders debate a last-ditch peace plan.
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has postponed a visit to the Macedonian capital Skopje in the wake of new fighting and anti-government demonstrations.

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