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(1) The population of ancient Macedonia.

(2) The name for the inhabitants of the historical region of Macedonia, who are of diverse ethnic background.

(3) A South Slavic nationality. They make up most of the population of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia in Yugoslavia. Their total number in Yugoslavia is about 1,194,000 (according to the 1971 census), of whom 1,142,000 are in the republic. They speak Macedonian. Religious Macedonians are mainly Orthodox, although there are also Muslims.

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The Macedonians in Australia also urged the Macedonian church authorities to withdraw their request to have the Bulgarian Orthodox Church as their mother church.
Regrettably, this book omits a necessary examination of the role of women and gender in the immigration of Macedonians to Canada, and their influence on how Macedonian immigrants transplanted and later adapted their ethnic identity in pre-1939 Canada and during the Cold War.
The provocations in the Macedonian media on the "question" of "ethnic Macedonians" abroad seem to be in line with last year's construction of monuments in Skopje of Alexander the Great and the medieval Bulgarian Tsar Samuil, both of which are deemed to be great Macedonians by the government of Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and his party VMRO-DPMNE a a move that caused anger in Greece, ridicule in Bulgaria, and criticism by the European Commission.
THE RICOH Arena is appealing for Macedonian nationals in the area to get in contact ahead of England Under-21s UEFA European Championship qualifier against Macedonia at the Ricoh Arena tonight.
Moreover, by claiming the entire geographic Macedonian region of modern times as their "tatkovina" (fatherland), Slav Macedonians laid claim to everything Macedonian.
The Greek-Bulgarian book entitled Macedonian Issue and Bulgaria--Confidential
If Macedonians and Persians fight as one, my army will be bigger and stronger.
On the occasion of the first anniversary of the For a Joint Macedonia movement, the Macedonian communities in the world are organizing an all-Macedonian protest rally in Skopje Tuesday, 27 February, in defense of the name of the country and the identity of the nation.
Talat Xhaferi's daily politics are difficult to follow, writes observer Zejdi Rexhepi, adding that "First, Xhaferi promoted the small-size national flag put on his table, and supported the large-size Macedonian flag behind his back, but two days later he said that the plenary sessions in Assembly will be led in his mother tongue (Albanian) and also in Macedonian".