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(chemical engineering)
The process of extracting fragrant oils from flower petals by immersing them in hot molten fat.
(science and technology)
The process of softening or wearing away a material by wetting it or steeping it in a liquid.



separation of plant or animal cells in the tissues. Natural maceration is the result of the dissolving of the intercellular substance. In plants maceration occurs in the flesh of ripening fruits (for example, privet, some varieties of apple, watermelons, and bananas), sometimes only after frosts (for example, in the fruits of medlar and sweetbrier), and also when separation layers form in leaf petioles (before leaf fall) and in fruit stems (before fruit fall). During anatomic research maceration is produced by treating sections or pieces of wood, leaves, roots, and the like with chromic acid or hot ammonia solution. Maceration is used in processing flax, manufacturing paper from wood, and other processes.

Maceration of animal tissues occurs when they are in contact with water for a long time. It is used in preparing skeletons and histological specimens by treating dead bodies or individual tissues with water, alkaline solutions, acid solutions, and other substances.

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Several methods of maceration have been developed in the last years.
Maceration times of 7 to 10 min were chosen to broaden the utility of the protocol for use on tissues of different ages as well as for fresh or frozen tissue.
To assess which parameters of the maceration procedure were necessary for triggering oocyte maturation, a few concentrated drops of isolated follicles were placed in 10 ml of filtered SW within 30 s of ovarian maceration, and the follicles were rapidly washed again with 10 ml of SW.
The standard discs were employed against the microbial specimens as positive control and the solvents utilized during maceration were provided as the negative control.
Like hydrofiber dressings, they can absorb exudate and protect the surrounding periwound area from maceration.
After maceration, 70mg of powdered tissue from each sample was mixed with 800 [micro]L of pre warmed extraction buffer, vigorously homogenized and kept under water bath at 65[degrees]C during 60min.
A chapter on gemmotherapy introduces a type of phytotherapy based on maceration of plant buds and shoots.
The Mono TR Muncher is the latest generation of twin shaft grinders and is specifically designed for the efficient maceration of raw sewage and abrasives sludges up to 500m3/h, to protect downstream equipment from blockages.
I TOOK a dive into Tesco and was pleased to find that the gold medal Cave de Roquebrun, Roches Noires, Maceration, St Chinian is on offer at pounds 5.
To assess the baseline meniscal status of the knees included in the analysis, two musculoskeletal radiologists who were blinded to the case-control status of the knees reviewed coronal and sagittal fast spin echo MRI images and evaluated each for meniscal damage using a collapsed scale, whereby knees with no meniscal damage were graded as 0, those with a minor tear were considered grade 1, and those with a non-displaced tear, displaced tear, maceration, or destruction were considered grade 2.
Together with maceration enzyme Rapidase Smart, and clarification enzyme Rapidase Smart Clear, we are in the unique position of being able to meet all the needs of the apple processing industry.