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[mə′shed·ē or mə′ched·ē]
(design engineering)
A knife with a broad blade 2 to 3 feet (60 to 90 centimeters) long.



a long knife (more than 50 cm) used in most Latin American countries for cutting sugarcane (hence machetero, “cane chipper”) and for hacking paths in dense thickets. Machetes were used by Cuban insurgents as side arms in the wars of liberation from 1868 to 1878 and from 1895 to 1898 against the Spanish colonialists.

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He offered the rucksack to the staff member who saw the machete inside, and the police were alerted.
Ecelebi, a shop owner in Taksim, was detained on suspicion of injuring protesters during a Gezi Park protest on July 7 after reports of the attacks were followed by media outlets broadcasting video footage showing the man brandishing a machete and striking a woman with the flat of the blade.
Childs went over to one of the boys and held the machete to his face.
Fionda was able to get up and pick up the machete before leaving Mr Holland soaked in blood at the allotment.
An Australian army medic treats a victim of machete attack after a street fight, in Dili
At left, Toy of Control Machete thinks it's high time for Latinos to be behind the mic.
The scene of one of the machete attacks, Bradford Road, Huddersfield.
He then marched over the road armed with the machete and attacked Mr Ryba, who suffered a severed artery and bled to death rapidly.
8220;Not Another Bad Horror Flick” is produced by Machete Media Productions and Bridget Machete.
The defence in a murder bid trial made allegations against Nawzadi Haidari after he told how he was assaulted with a machete.
Starring Charlie Sheen as the US President, Mel Gibson as a crazy billionaire arms dealer, and Danny Trejo in the title role as Mexican spy Machete, Gaga plays a cigarettesmoking, gun-toting siren by the name of La Chameleon.
Machete proceeds to effortlessly infiltrate Mendoza's Acapulco compound, where he discovers that not only does the onetime drug lord suffer from multiple personalities, he also has the missile launch device implanted in his heart.