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[mə′shed·ē or mə′ched·ē]
(design engineering)
A knife with a broad blade 2 to 3 feet (60 to 90 centimeters) long.



a long knife (more than 50 cm) used in most Latin American countries for cutting sugarcane (hence machetero, “cane chipper”) and for hacking paths in dense thickets. Machetes were used by Cuban insurgents as side arms in the wars of liberation from 1868 to 1878 and from 1895 to 1898 against the Spanish colonialists.

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The first trash can was thrown at the car which prompted the man in white to get out his machete.
Jailing John, Judge Stephen Eyre QC told him: "I will accept you had these machetes for clearing undergrowth and breaking wood, and the like.
THREE men who stood trial after an alleged machete attack have all been cleared of all charges by a jury.
MANIAC Machete raider goes for guard MAN DOWN Guard wrestles one of the gang HIT ON THE TURN Poker game in Berlin
Two machetes believed to have been used in the attack were recovered from the scene and were found to have Mr Welch's DNA on them.
But then one of the gang with a machete leaped over and struck the boy in the head.
One man was treated by Australian army medics at the scene after being struck by a machete on the head and back.
Their deadly shopping list included a dozen machetes, knives and an air gun.
Yesterday, the Record told how gangsters had a machete battle in the centre of Glasgow.
You'll find machetes at some hardware, garden supply, and military surplus stores.
MACHETES were recovered after four teenagers were arrested in Coventry.
He told the jury he saw Alizadeh on the phone, then a black BMW arrived, a passenger got out carrying two machetes and handed one to Alizadeh.