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Within the global automotive magnesium alloys market, the passenger car segment is expected to remain as the largest market by volume consumption.
Results and Conclusions--As the results of this simple simulation showed, strain rate could be used as a reliable predictor of hot tearing in simulations of casting magnesium alloys.
The results of electrochemical tests performed in this study suggest that thin nanometric ALD coatings can protect AZ-31 magnesium alloys more efficiently than thicker micrometric CVD coatings of the same composition as the ones obtained by Dabosi et al.
The design and preparation of nanocomposites based on magnesium alloy can act as a good solution to solve this problem.
Because of the alkaline nature of magnesium, primers for magnesium alloys should use alkali-resistant vehicles (e.
The following process parameters and yield stress values of magnesium alloys are considered for evaluation of radial stresses of magnesium alloys with different fluids for successful formation of cup in fluid assisted deep drawing process.
It compares favorably with plastics, as well, according to figures from Dead Sea Magnesium, which reports that magnesium alloys have the potential to reduce weight by 30% compared with plastics in dynamic applications and up to 60% in static loads.
The magnesium alloys have been developed over four years by CAST's alloy development research team, which was sourced from CSIRO, The University of Queensland and Monash University.
Mold temperatures for Thixomolding magnesium alloys are similar to those temperatures used in die casting (200-250 C or 390-480 F).
An argon atmosphere in the barrel minimizes oxidation of the magnesium alloy.
Part 1 Types and properties of magnesium alloys: Current developments in wrought magnesium alloys
All these surface modification methods aim at improving the corrosion resistance of magnesium alloys.