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(pseudonym, Fragi). Date of birth and death unknown. Turkmen poet of the 18th century.

Makhtumkuli was the son of the poet Azadi. He studied in Shirgazi madrasa in the city of Khiva. He traveled a great deal and was well acquainted with the literature and folklore of Central Asia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. He was taken into captivity by the Iranians. Some of Makhtumkuli’s verses are addressed to a brother who had disappeared (probably also taken captive); in these poems, the personal suffering of the poet is fused with the tragedy of his people ravaged by the enemy. More than 10,000 lines of his poems have come down to us; at times pessimistic and religious notes are discernible in his work.

Makhtumkuli’s civic poetry contains several strains: a condemnation of intertribal discord; a call to ponder the struggle for existence conducted by those who have been deprived of earthly blessings; and denunciation of the reactionary clergy.

Makhtumkuli exerted an enormous influence on the development of Turkmenian poetry. His poetry is organically connected with folk poetry. Makhtumkuli altered the Turkmenian poetic language, bringing it closer to the popular speech and replacing the aruz with the popular syllabic system.


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This decision was made on the occasion of the Day of the Constitution of Turkmenistan and Magtymguly Pyragy Poetry Day, celebrated on May 18 "in accordance with the principles of charity, philanthropy, justice and humanism, in order to further strengthen the unity and solidarity of the Turkmen society and every family," according to the document.
Magtymguly Pyragy was a Turkmen spiritual leader and philosophical poet who made significant efforts to secure independence and autonomy for his people in the 18th century.
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